James Milne Art


Original artwork of Doomsday Kingdom and some fan art pieces for good measure.

From Doomsday Kingdom you can purchase the original full sized artwork, on 11x17 inch bristol art board. I have used archival ink so they should last a very very long time, unless you know, you spill a drink on it or something. If you wanted to be arty I recommend spilling some weak tea or coffee on it at the very least, if you are going for an aged look on the piece. 

In the Fan Art section you can buy the original one off pieces if available, which are primarily inked in black and white on 11x8.5 inch 200gsm paper. With the option to buy prints which unless future me changes his mind, they will be in colour if they were coloured. 

Commissions will also be available in the form of sketch covers, they are limited to how many covers I have laying around, with another option for full commissions drawn with pen and ink A4 paper. These are limited to 4, in between issues of Doomsday Kingdom. If you hit the follow button on the top right you will be notified when new products come online.

You can see some sneak peaks of the making of the comic and other random arty things over on:

For enquiries please contact me at jamesmilnearts@gmail.com